Auto Accidents (6 videos):

Car Passenger Rights
Lawyer Ross Jurewitz Presents a Video About Passenger Rights After an Auto Accident
Oceanside auto accident attorney Ross Jurewitz of Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers describes the rights of auto passengers following an accident. Their San Diego personal injury law firm represent passengers hurt in car accidents.

Truck Accidents (1 video):

Interstate Truck Cases
Attorney Ross Jurewitz Knows That Interstate Truck Accidents Are Very Complex And Has Experience In Them
At Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers we will put you at ease‚ fully explain the legal process and the details of your case‚ and place you in a position to make educated decisions about your accident claim. We want you to be informed and in control‚ even if you decide not to hire a lawyer.

Boating Accidents (2 videos):

Boating Accident
Ready to Fight for Your Boating Accident Claim
If you have been hurt by another person’s recklessness on the water‚ you have someone on your side. Jurewitz is ready to fight for you.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents (5 videos):

Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents
If You’ve Been Injured In A Bike Crash‚ Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers Can Help
Of all the possible traffic accidents in San Diego‚ cases in which vehicles collide with a bicycle or a pedestrian can have the most tragic results. When walking or riding a bike‚ you don’t have the same structural protection against impacts that you do while driving‚ so you are more likely to be the injured party.

Dog Bites (2 videos):

Dog Bites
San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Ross Jurewitz Discusses the California Dog Bite Statute and How Victims Can Recover for Their Injuries.
The California Dog Bite Statute holds pet owners strictly liable for the injuries caused their dogs. Ross Jurewitz discusses how the law works and how his personal injury office helps injured victims.

Maritime Accidents (1 video):

Maritime Accidents
Learn About Maritime Law from Attorney Ross Jurewitz
Learn what Maritime Law is and whom it protects. If you’re a worker who has been injured on the docks or at sea‚ contact an experienced maritime lawyer today at Jurewitz by calling (888) 233-5020.

Cruise Ship Accidents (1 video):

Cruise Ship Accidents
Attorney Ross Jurewitz Discusses Cruise Ship Accidents
Did you think you were going to have the time of your life only to get injured due to mismanagement or neglect on a cruise ship? Find out what to do when you’re injured away from home by contacting an experienced cruise ship lawyer today.

Q & A with Ross (9 videos):

Q & A with Ross
Attorney Ross Jurewitz Shares His Prospective During an In-Depth Interview Session
San Diego attorney Ross Jurewitz shares engaging answers about himself‚ Jurewitz‚ and the legal profession itself.

Client Testimonials (25 videos):

Client Testimonials
Slip and fall accident client Sally V. from La Mesa‚ CA talks about her experience at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers in this client testimonial.
Sally V. was seriously injured in a La Mesa apartment complex slip and fall accident and sought help from our personal injury attorneys.

General Personal Injury Questions (21 videos):

General Personal Injury Questions
Should You Hire a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Accident Case? Ross Jurewitz Says “Maybe”
Personal injury lawyer in San Diego‚ Ross Jurewitz‚ reports that you may not need an attorney for your personal injury case. Sometimes you can actually get a better result by dealing with the insurance company by yourself because you will not pay for attorneys fees.

General Personal Injury Accident Videos (11 videos):

General Personal Injury Accident Videos
Carlsbad Personal Injury Lawyer Welcomes You.
Our injury law offices have two San Diego County offices to serve you‚ one in Carlsbad and the other in Downtown San Diego. Both offices are easy drives from anywhere in San Diego County.

Insurance Companies (5 videos):

Insurance Companies
Insurance Company Games and Your Personal Injury Case.
Insurance Company Games and Your Personal Injury Case.

Media Appearances (9 videos):

Media Appearances
FOX 5 News & Ross Jurewitz Discuss Nurse’s CPR Refusal
FOX 5 San Diego News invited attorney Ross Jurewitz to discuss from a professional legal perspective on liability issues on the recent California woman who died after a nurse refused to perform CPR.

The Ten Biggest Mistakes Book (11 videos):

The Ten Biggest Mistakes Book
Learn How to Avoid the Ten Biggest Mistakes that can Destroy Your California Accident Case.
San Diego personal injury attorney Ross Jurewitz of Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers discusses the first big mistake‚ waiting too long to receive medical treatment.

Wrongful Death (1 video):

Wrongful Death
What Is a Wrongful Death Case?
There is no way to describe the pain when we are met with the death of a loved one‚ and the thought that it was preventable can leave us reeling. There are people to turn to at Jurewitz who understand Wrongful Death Law and can get you the justice you and your loved ones deserve.

Raising the Bar with Randy Nordstrom (7 Videos):

Raising the Bar with Randy Nordstrom
Raising the Bar Interview
San Diego attorney Ross Jurewitz was interviewed on a variety of injury topics, including MedPay and why he became a lawyer.
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