On February 6th, 2019, at approximately 1:00 P.M., our client was making deliveries when he stopped at the third party’s residence. As he walked up to the front of the house, to deliver a package, a dog darted out from the back yard and to the front of the house, towards our client. As he turned around to leave, the dog reared up and jumped, sinking its teeth into his right calf leg. The bite punctured his skin, leaving painful puncture wounds in his leg. Despite the bleeding wound and pain coursing through his leg, our client continued to work, as he had numerous deliveries left to do. After work, he did his best to clean and care for the wound. However, the next day, was struggling to cope with the pain and went into urgent care where it was properly cleaned and antibiotics were prescribed.

As the weeks went on, our client’s bite wound slowly healed and scarring set in. However, tightness and soreness continued. Upon further evaluation from a medical professional, it was determined that his injury has resulted in underlying fascia of the gastrocnemius muscle. Our client would have to undergo a procedure of dermal fat graft as a spacer between the skin in order to rid of any ongoing pain.

As a result of this dog bite, our client was unable to walk, pick up and unload heavy packages, directly affecting his job. He was left with no other choice than to resign from his work. As an active 24-year old, this also hindered him from running and any outdoor activities that were a part of his daily routine. Thanks to our legal team, we were able to give him the help he deserved!

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