Shantala Ponce – 29 years old

On May 15, 2018, at approximately 1:00 P.M., Ms. Ponce was traveling southbound in an unincorporated area of San Diego, where she proceeded to enter an intersection. As Ms. Ponce entered the intersection, a driver simultaneously accelerated across the intersection, colliding with Ms. Ponce’s vehicle. The impact was so severe, it caused Ms. Ponce’s vehicle to overturn onto the northbound lane, where her vehicle came to a stop on its roof. As a result of the accident, her vehicle was declared a total loss.Following the accident, Ms. Ponce felt immediate pain in her neck, shoulders, and back. Due to her discomfort, Ms. Ponce went to Kaiser Permanente Urgent Care for an evaluation of her injuries. As a mother of a young son, she found herself having a difficult time caring for him properly due to her injuries. After finding everyday tasks, like showering, sleeping, and dressing difficult, she decided to call Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers. Immediately, we sent her to get medical attention. Upon examination of a chiropractor, she was diagnosed with a sprain of ligaments in her cervical spine, injury in the nerve root of the cervical and lumbar spine and strain of muscle, fascia, and tendons in the lower back, neck, and lower spine. After six weeks of consistent chiropractic treatment, she treated with an orthopedic surgeon to cope with the continued pain in her spine and pelvis.

At the end of her treatment, Ms. Ponce’s medical bills totaled over $14,200. Thanks to our legal team, we were able to get her a settlement of $50,000 and reduce her medical expenses to $9,600.

“It is the biggest relief to be able to move on from this life-changing event. I feel 100% more at ease. I always felt very welcomed from the first encounter. I am very grateful to be helped like this. Everyone was amazing, but John and Cecilia really came through and made this process easier.”

We couldn’t be happier for Shantala and her recovery!

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