On June 9th, our clients Alexandria and Brooke were invited by the defendant into their yard to meet his dog, Bowie: a medium sized, mixed breed. As our clients entered the yard, they knelt down and began to pet Bowie. They suddenly realized two additional dogs inside the house barking. The two barking dogs were then let out of the house and immediately rushed our clients. As a result, Alexandria sustained multiple bruises and was bit on her upper forearm and on the back of her right leg and thigh. Brooke sustained two deep puncture wounds which have permanently and irreparably scarred her left thigh.

After the bleeding was controlled and the shock from the trauma wore off, Alexandria and Brooke went into Urgent Care to have their wounds looked at. Both injuries left permanent scarring and resulted in missed time off work due to pain and discomfort. Ultimately, Brooke was required to resign from her position due to the substantial time missed. Luckily, we were able to help, and stepped in to get them the compensation they deserve!

Initial Offer: $25,000
Settlement: $39,000
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