Compensation for Helicopter Accident Injuries

Helicopters‚ like all other forms of aircraft‚ are delicate vehicles that require precise control and maintained equipment in order to function properly and avoid dangerous situations. Unfortunately‚ dangerous conditions‚ unexpected incidents‚ defective parts‚ and pilot negligence result in serious and fatal crashes every year. When such incidents occur‚ those who suffer losses, as a result, can seek compensation from at-fault parties. At the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers‚ our San Diego personal injury lawyers understand the contributing factors and results of these crashes and can apply their knowledge and experience to your case in order to obtain just compensation for you and your loved ones.

Hazards for Helicopters

Because helicopters are unique vehicles compared to all forms of transportation as well as other aircraft‚ they are subject to both common and unique hazards. Hazards that helicopters face that could cause an accident include:

  • Dynamic rollover‚ where the helicopter pivots and is pulled onto its side by the force of its own physics.
  • Loss of vision due to rainy‚ snowy‚ or dusty conditions.
  • Equipment failure‚ including tail rotors‚ blade stall‚ engine stall‚ and powertrain failure.
  • Collision with wires‚ trees‚ buildings‚ or other terrain due to low-altitude operation or a pilot’s lack of situational awareness.

Because a helicopter is dependent on the physics of its blade rotations and how it is uniquely controlled‚ small changes in operation or surrounding conditions can lead to a loss of control by the pilot and‚ subsequently‚ a crash.

What Are the Effects of a Helicopter Accident?

Because helicopters operate in a variety of terrain‚ accidents can lead to many types of damage‚ both for the passengers of the helicopter and nearby bystanders. Effects of such a crash include:

  • Catastrophic injuries to occupants and pilot;
  • Property damage to any nearby buildings or vehicles;
  • Fires sparked by crash;
  • Occupants stranded at sea; and
  • Emotional and mental trauma for occupants and bystanders.

While helicopter crashes are devastating events‚ they range in severity depending on the details of the accident itself‚ the speed of the helicopter‚ and the altitude of the vehicle at the time of the incident. While crashes have a likelihood of fatality‚ the majority of those affected survive‚ although they are often subjected to a variety of injuries.


While there are far fewer helicopters in the United States than airplanes‚ the accident rates of helicopters and aircraft in general are comparable‚ with helicopters actually averaging out to a higher incidence rate than aircraft.

Get Help From a Skilled San Diego Helicopter Accident Lawyer

The San Diego aviation accident attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers understand the joy of riding in a helicopter‚ as well as the devastation that can occur due to a crash. While such incidents can occur due to a variety of causes‚ there is almost always an at-fault party whose negligence or recklessness resulted in the crash in one way or another. Our dedicated law team has the experience necessary to successfully seek compensation for injury victims and the families of those who died in such incidents. For more information‚ contact our legal offices today at (888) 233-5020.

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