Motorcycle safety courses offer a number of benefits for both new and experienced riders. Far from ruining the “fun” of motorcycling, taking one or more safety classes can make you a better rider, allowing you to more fully enjoy the thrill of hopping on a bike.

Benefits for Beginners

Beginning motorcyclists benefit from the instruction of experienced and trained instructors. Most beginning courses cover everything in your state’s motorcycle safety manual, preparing you to ace your license or endorsement test and equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to ride safely.

Fringe benefits of a motorcycle safety course for beginners include discounts on motorcycle insurance from some companies. Several motorcycle manufacturers also offer to reimburse part or all of the cost of a class for new riders.

Benefits for Veterans

Most motorcycle safety classes are aimed at beginners, so veteran bikers rarely realize that they, too, can take classes. Advanced motorcycle safety courses are available in most areas of California, however, and they offer the opportunity to improve riding skills and safety. They also offer access to many of the same “fringe benefits” beginners enjoy, like insurance discounts and reimbursement of class expenses.

Veteran motorcyclists know that there are two groups of bikers: those who have fallen, and those who will. Regardless of which category you occupy, a class can help you protect yourself from future falls or fall more safely when an accident happens.

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