In my profession as a car accident attorney in a San Diego personal injury law firm‚ I am all too familiar with the statistics: 6 million auto accidents in the United States every year- and your chances of being involved in a fatal accident at some point in your life—1 in 75. With these types of risks on the roadway you would think more people would be familiar with not only what information to collect after an accident‚ but with the entire claims process and in what instances you do and do not require an attorney.

2 million out of the 6 million accidents are serious accidents which lead to permanent injury to the victims. These accidents create debilitating injuries that lead to altered lives- some have to change carriers as their injuries will no longer allow them to work in their chosen profession- others have to move or modify their house to accommodate wheel chair access etc. Car accidents are the leading cause for disabilities in the United States.

An online search will provide some useful information on car accidents‚ but if you have been injured in Washington state‚  I suggest you take a look at the website of one of the best Washington car accident attorneys. This site has a book all about the auto accident process titled: The Truth About Washington Auto Accidents which is FREE to Washington residents.

This book was written by Seattle car accident attorney‚ Jason Epstein and is useful whether you are currently dealing with an auto accident or even just as a useful tool for preparation.

If an auto accident recently altered your life you should discuss the case with a local lawyer. If you are located in San Diego please contact my auto accident law offices so we may review your case. If you are a resident of Washington State you may contact Jason Epstein with the Seattle personal injury law offices‚ Premier Law Group.

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