Premises liability laws hold property owners responsible for the accidents that occur on a property due to unsafe conditions. Premises liability law can be quite complex, and if one is injured on someone else’s property, the victim is advised to immediately seek counsel from a San Diego premises liability lawyer to protect their legal rights.

Landlords, building managers, and other property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for anyone who might pass through the premises. Some common examples of premises liability cases are:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Negligent security
  • Animal attack assaults
  • Accidental drowning
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals, lead, and asbestos

All victims injured on someone else’s premises may be eligible to collect financial compensation including lost wages, medical costs, and other punitive damages.

Governmental Premises Liability Law

Government owned and maintained properties, such as public parks, public sidewalks, government offices, and bridges, also have a liability if there are faulty signals, defects on sidewalks, improperly cleared snow or ice, and an injury from an ill-maintained child playground facility.

Under the California Tort Claims Act, a person injured on government premises is required to file a lawsuit against the local or state government within six months from the accident. If a victim does not file a claim within that time, he or she may still be eligible to file under certain circumstances.

If the state or local government does not notify the injured victim within 45 days, the victim can file a lawsuit within two years of the accident.

Case Evaluation

Whether on private or public property, you have a right when injured from a hazardous condition on another property.

Contact an experienced San Diego premises liability lawyer for a free San Diego premises liability claim evaluation.

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