In March 2013, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a recall for about 230,000 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans.  The purpose of the recall was to fix rust problems in the vehicles that could cause the third row of seats to come loose, increasing the risk of serious injuries in some types of vehicle crashes. The recall affected vehicles manufactured in model years 2004 through 2007, and it focused on vehicles sold in cold-weather areas, which were more likely to suffer rust problems due to regular contact with rock salt used to melt snow and ice on roads.

Now, although no recall has been issued, the NHTSA is urging owners of Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans who live in warmer areas like San Diego to keep an eye on their own vehicles, as rust could also cause problems in these minivans even without regular contact with road salt and other chemicals.  So far, the agency has received only a single complaint about rust problems in a minivan used in warm-weather areas.

Owners of 2004-2007 Ford Freestar and Mercury Monterey minivans are encouraged to examine the rear wheel wells of the vehicle, since rust that begins in these areas can lead to problems with third-seat safety or stability. Owners can also contact Ford or take their vehicles to a dealership for examination and repairs if needed.

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