If you have been in an accident and believe that you will be involved in a personal injury action‚ it important for you to be as prepared as possible for your court appearance. In this regard‚ it would be wise for you to maintain a record of your pain and suffering by means of a personal injury diary or journal. A personal injury journal is especially beneficial if you have no evident signs of an injury. Even still‚ you must prove your pain and suffering with documentation sufficient enough for you to get a major recovery in your case.

A journal can further assist you in preparing for depositions‚ settlement‚ or trial. After significant time has passed‚ innumerable things will have occurred since the time of the injury and the trial. It will undoubtedly be difficult for you to recall all the specifics of how you felt on a certain day. Accordingly‚ keeping an all-inclusive journal should be considered one of your jobs as a member of your own legal team. A knowledgeable San Diego personal injury attorney can further advise you regarding your journal contents.

Any notes made in a journal should be in your own handwriting (if possible) or typed‚ unless your injury does not allow you to do so. Also‚ please ensure that your journal is kept in confidence‚ and mail it to your attorney on a regular monthly basis. If you need a San Diego personal injury attorney‚ contact Ross Jurewitz for a free initial consultation.

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