Expect anywhere from a couple weeks to a month and a half to receive your money after your San Diego personal injury attorney reaches an agreement with the insurance company‚ with the average being right around one month. The reason for the time delay is that several steps must occur first:

Step 1

You must sign a release form. This is required by the insurance company because it wants to make sure that the money it pays you will fully settle your case (meaning you won’t come back and sue them again for the same injury). A release form contains language in which you (and possibly your spouse) agree to release your right to sue the people and/or company who caused your injuries. In return‚ you get your share of the settlement money.

Step 2

Fees‚ expenses‚ and medical bills must be deducted from the total settlement amount. Your share of the settlement money is whatever amount is left over after medical bills‚ fees‚ possible liens‚ and expenses are paid. After your San Diego personal injury attorney makes sure all these expenses are paid‚ he will issue you a check for the balance. From the total settlement amount‚ your attorney will:

  1. Pay any of your unpaid medical bills;
  2. Reimburse any insurance company or other party that paid for some of your medical expenses from the injury (example: your health insurance and auto insurance companies);
  3. Subtract attorneys’ fees‚ out-of-pocket expenses‚ and other costs related to the injury claim; and
  4. Pay you the remaining amount.

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