I am absolutely furious!

I just heard a story from my friend and Northern Virginia personal injury attorney‚ Ben Glass‚ about a man who suffered a catastrophic injury.  His injury was so bad that his insurance company‚ using his uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverage‚ offered him his $100,000 policy limits without a demand letter even being sent.  His case was probably worth $1,000,000 easily and now after paying his health insurance liens and bills‚ he will probably be lucky to walk away with $50,000 to last him the rest of his life while he deals with his lifelong and permanent injuries.

It is no secret that insurance salesman do a very poor job selling UM/UIM coverage.  But this case takes the cake!

The client‚ the day after meeting with Mr. Glass and listening about how he should raise his UM/UIM limits to avoid this injustice in the future‚ called his insurance adjustor to raise his limits to $1,000,000.

The cost?

A whopping $7.49!

That’s right.  For the cost of a fast food burger meal‚ this client–had he been properly advised by the lazy insurance salesman–could have recovered $900,000 more than he did!  That is money that could have helped him and his family.

I am absolutely incensed.  Every Californian and San Diego resident should review their insurance coverage and maximize their UM/UIM policy limits right away.  As a service to the public‚ we will be happy to review your insurance policy and make recommendations

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