Google Glass allows users to capture video, run searches, and perform other tasks without taking their hands off the wheel – but is it safe to use while driving? State, local, and even national governments are currently weighing the question and coming to very different answers.

In the United Kingdom, the Department of Transport initially considered making the use of Google Glass while driving illegal. Now, however, the agency is working with Google to consider the implications of current traffic laws on the use of Google Glass, as well as ways to make Glass use behind the wheel less risky for drivers.

By contrast, several U.S. states are considering whether to ban the use of Google Glass while driving. A San Diego traffic court recently dismissed a traffic ticket issued to a woman who was wearing the device while driving, because there was not enough evidence to prove that the device was switched on.

Several of Glass’s features may actually benefit drivers. For instance, Glass can be used as a “heads-up display,” or HUD, that communicates key information to the driver while allowing the driver to keep his or her eyes on the road. Glass also can be used to read the driver’s text messages aloud, preventing drivers from looking down and/or touching their cell phones while driving. These features may increase driving safety. The overall safety of driving while using Google Glass, however, is still open for question.

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