San Diego Motorcycle AccidentMotorcyclists know that safety on the road encompasses a wide range of factors. Wearing the proper safety gear is important, and so is riding a bike that is properly maintained and in good repair. The behavior of other drivers can pose serious risks to motorcyclists, so a good safety awareness campaign for drivers can also go a long way toward protecting bikers.

While all these elements matter, motorcyclists have one tool in their arsenal that is even stronger than these when it comes to protecting themselves and their passengers. Veteran motorcyclists and experienced San Diego motorcycle accident attorneys both encourage bikers to focus on the road at all times. Constant vigilance is one of the most powerful skills a biker can employ to stay safe on the road.

Avoiding distraction and staying alert while on a motorcycle offers a number of benefits. First, it helps motorcyclists obey traffic rules by giving them the information they need to navigate properly, no matter where they ride. Second, it gives motorcyclists an “edge” over distracted vehicle drivers by helping motorcyclists identify and predict their movements. It also allows those motorcyclists to identify their “exits” if an emergency situation should arise, such as an oncoming vehicle swerving into the biker’s lane.

Next, staying vigilant on the road helps bikers avoid not only other distracted drivers, but also hazardous roadway conditions or weather. An alert biker can more easily notice when wet, oily, or broken pavement might cause a problem and respond accordingly. A motorcyclist paying attention to his or her surroundings is also more likely to notice a problem with the motorcycle itself before that problem causes harm.

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