Currently, there are several family-safety apps available for smartphones and other devices.  Many of them are basic apps that use phone GPS to track family members or to provide automatic alerts when a family member arrives at a pre-determined place, like home or school.  However, some app makers are starting to consider other uses for these apps – including uses that they hope will encourage kids to use the apps and to introduce them to their own families.

For instance, the makers of Alert.Us are actively considering ways to get kids to adopt and promote the app – a change from the usual method of marketing such apps, which are aimed at parents. The makers of Alert.Us believe that if kids can be encouraged to adopt the app as their own, they’ll be more likely to use it, making it more effective than an app kids try to avoid using.

Currently, the Alert.Us app incorporates functions common to family-safety apps, like GPS tracking. However, it also offers a family-specific message board for non-emergency communications, and it contains a battery-tracking feature. If a child’s cell phone battery dies, the app alerts parents, so they’ll know if the battery is the reason a child isn’t answering his or her phone. The company is also considering adding “quantified self” apps that let families track things like exercise and other personal information.

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