Dealing with insurance companies can be a trying experience. These companies are so large and powerful that people often believe they have no recourse when trying to receive compensation for an accident. Not to mention all the fine print that is almost impossible to understand without a law degree!

This is why many people find themselves settling with insurance companies for much less than they are entitled to. In some cases, people may not be fully aware of their rights, while in others, they may believe that even if they are being cheated, they would never be able to take on a giant company like Allstate, State Farm, or Nationwide.

Not true.

The state of California has strict laws that protect individuals from unfair practices on the part of insurance companies. And law firms, such as our own Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers, specialize in helping people stand up to these corporations. Remember, you don’t have to fight for your rights alone.

Insurance Company Tactic: Keep Your Money

Insurance companies have an incentive to do everything in their power to avoid making payouts or to limit the amount of reimbursement in your claim. It’s called “more money for them.” They have huge legal teams and analysts who work extremely hard to keep your money in their bank accounts. If you are asked to settle after an accident of any kind, you should always assume that the insurance company does not have your best interests at heart.

You should never, ever sign a settlement agreement before consulting a lawyer. You can’t even trust your own insurance company to get you the best arrangement when dealing with another company. They are more worried about reaching a quick settlement than getting you fair compensation. You need an unbiased advocate who you can trust will be acting on your behalf.

You may have experience with an insurance company using a technicality to get out of making a payout. Or you might have found that dealing with customer service at these large companies can be time-consuming and largely fruitless. It may seem like you can never get a straight answer about your case. It doesn’t matter what type of insurance company you are dealing with, either. Auto insurance, medical insurance, and life insurance can all be the same.

We purchase insurance in order to protect ourselves. It’s not fair that these companies only seem interested in protecting their own profits. Don’t allow an insurance company to deprive you of the remuneration you deserve. No matter the circumstances, the attorneys at Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers can and will take on “big insurance” to protect you and your family.

If you are finding it difficult to deal with an insurance company, we can help. Give us a call today at (888) 233-5020 to learn about your rights and how you can maximize your compensation.

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