Before a trial actually occurs‚ attorneys on both sides conduct what is called discovery. In this initial phase of the litigation process‚ each attorney gathers as much information about the case as possible so that they may begin formulating their case. During the discovery process‚ your San Diego personal injury attorney may make formal requests to the other party for important pieces of evidence‚ such as medical records.

One important part of the discovery is the interrogatory‚ which is a formal set of questions sent by the opposing counsel that you must answer in a signed statement. You are one of the most important witnesses in your accident case because you were the victim‚ so it is only natural that your testimony is important to both sides.

The interrogatory will consist of 30 or more complex‚ multi-part questions. Some of these questions will be directed at your attorney‚ but most of them will be directed at you. There will be questions about the events surrounding your accident and your accident itself‚ as well questions about the nature of your injury and the costs that will be incurred because of it and its effects on your employment status. Answering these questions careful and thoroughly will be vital to your case.

If you have been injured in an accident‚ you may be entitled to recover damages for your lost wages and pain and suffering. You need an experienced attorney to advocate for you. Call San Diego personal injury attorney Ross Jurewitz today for a free consultation.

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