SD Traumatic Brain InjuryWhen someone suffers a traumatic brain injury in a San Diego car accident or slip-and-fall accident, it will seriously impact their entire family. Brain injury is often a catastrophic injury, which means that its effects are life-long. There are many symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, including changes in personality, aggressive behavior and issues with memory. These can make caring for someone with a head injury challenging. In fact, many family members who become caregivers experience feelings of distress, anxiety, anger, and depression.

The first few weeks after a traumatic brain injury are chaotic and confusing. Good days of progress and hope are often followed by down days and setbacks. It’s difficult to know how the patient will recover, or even what is expected from you as a family member. Visitation limits might keep you from constantly being at your loved one’s side. And there may be days where family caregivers just need a break.

Once the victim is medically stable, the focus shifts from life-saving techniques to rehabilitation efforts. This is a difficult time, as some patients experience extreme agitation and frustration during recovery.

It is impossible to predict the full impact that the injury will have on your family. Ideally, everyone will manage day-to-day, learning, adjusting and improving as they go. Some patients are able to make considerable strides during the few months after the accident. Others may never recover fully. It’s important to remain positive and to seek out help from a professional whenever you have questions and concerns.

Continued physical and occupational therapy can help the patient adjust to life after the accident. These forms of rehabilitation are vital, but they are not always covered by insurance. This is one of many reasons why victims and their families need to consider legal options after an accident. It may be possible to receive financial support for current and future medical expenses by filing a claim against the party responsible for the accident.

An experienced San Diego catastrophic injury lawyer can help injured victims and their families seek fair and full compensation for their significant losses. Contact Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers today.

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