Oh, boy. We could talk about this one for a while.

Let’s just say if you’ve been injured in an accident, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the negligent party’s insurance company responds. You might be visited by representatives while you are still recovering. They may even offer you a settlement before they’ve taken the time to learn all the facts regarding the incident.

Don’t mistake this attention as a sign that the insurance company is concerned about your well-being. It’s only interested in the bottom line. Insurance companies know that it is in their best interest to convince you to quickly agree to a resolution rather than letting you have the time to speak to a lawyer.

Why? Because they understand the longer you wait, the more likely you are to learn about how much compensation you truly deserve.

Insurance Companies Don’t Scare Lawyers

Whether you are dealing with your own provider or another party’s, the insurance company will be doing everything it can to limit the amount of money it has to pay out to you.

When you file a claim with your own insurance provider, it will most likely send out a claims adjuster to evaluate the amount of damage that your property has sustained. (This is a vitally important step in the claims process and you would be well served to have a lawyer with you at this early stage.)

The insurance representative will investigate the circumstances surrounding your claim, questioning you and any other witnesses to better understand the cause of the damage. In particular, he will be looking for evidence, such as photographs and videos, of the incident. It’s very possible through no fault of your own that you might provide inaccurate information, because of faulty memory or an honest mistake. The insurance company will use any mistakes to build a case against your claim, lowering or completely invalidating the amount that you will receive.

The “assumed guilty” tactic will be the same if you have been the victim of someone else’s negligence. If you go into this process without a lawyer, especially in cases where the damages will amount to a large sum of money, then you are allowing the insurance company to dictate the compensation you will receive.

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