In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept through seven different countries and killed approximately 253 people, with damage estimates near $63 billion in the United States alone. Many of the 24 American states that were affected from Hurricane Sandy, also known as Superstorm Sandy, endured heavy flooding, wind, and property damage.

Dominic & Sheila Traina’s family was one of the many that lost their home in the devastating hurricane last year. The Trainas had lived in their Staten Island home for over four decades and had been paying Allstate Insurance loyally for 43 years to cover their home.

After the storm, the Trainas were utterly shocked to learn that Allstate Insurance was only willing to give $10,000 for the total loss of their home. Allstate’s argument to low-ball the Trainas’ claim is that the Trainas home was destroyed by flooding, which is not covered in their insurance policy. Fortunately for the Trainas, a neighbor witnessed their home collapse before the water hit and immediately called them.

The Trainas rightfully rejected Allstate’s settlement payout and are considering hiring a lawyer to help them prove that wind was the damaging factor, not water.

To make matters worse, the Trainas saw on Thanksgiving Day a television advertisement by Allstate which showed the destruction caused by Sandy – including images of their destroyed home – all the while giving thanks to Allstate agents. On January 4, Allstate announced that it would discontinue running the television advertisement.

We send our hearts to the Traina family and wish them the best in their battle against Allstate.

It is shameful and dishonest, but that is exactly what Allstate and other insurance companies do to their loyal members. The one entity that should be there for you when disaster hits is also the one that will fight tooth and nail to downplay your claim and try to pay you the least amount possible. Even to the point of using victims’ destroyed homes in commercials to make their company look good. It makes you think whether even having insurance mean that you’re in good hands.

Insurance companies are never on your side. Their only motive is profit and they will deny or minimize your claim to maximize their profits. Before settling your San Diego County personal injury insurance claim, contact a legal professional that will look out for your best interest at (888) 233-5020.

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