Featured in TIME Magazine 2013 Leaders in Personal Injury Law Showcase TIME Magazine is considered the premier publication with 20 million readers in the United States and 25 million readers worldwide. The magazine covers not just relevant international news stories‚ but also recognizes great people for their achievements. World leaders‚ musicians‚ writers‚ and other individuals who have cemented a place in history grace the pages of TIME’s many issues. That is why San Diego personal injury attorney Ross Jurewitz is honored to be recognized by TIME as one of the nation’s leading authorities in personal injury law.

Overall‚ 11 attorneys were solicited to be featured in the TIME Magazine 2013 Leaders in Personal Injury showcase published on March 18‚ 2013. Only the best of the best‚ the well-known‚ and the nationally recognized in personal injury law made the cut. The Jurewitz Law Group Injury & Accident Lawyers was contacted by TIME to partake in this prestigious display and gladly accepted the honor.

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