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I am very impressed with Jeruwitz Law Group’s professionalism in handling my injury case. They took my case after I realized I needed legal help in getting the medical care necessary to regain by physical self. I had a fractured tibia & herniated disc plus neck injury from the whiplash. After 16 months of treatment and long term healing through physical therapy and pain management, we were finally able to settle the case smoothly. Aaron Sibley and his team worked on my case in a timely way to get me the legal help I needed to fight the at fault party’s insurance company who was very difficult for me to work with on my own. They would block me from calling or reaching adjusters or never returning my calls after multiple voicemails or emails. I am glad I called Jeruwitz Law group and would like to thank Aaron and his team who help me get the settlement and pay for my medical bills I incurred during this whole time. I would highly recommend to Friends & Family in the future.



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