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Speeding Drivers Increasing During COVID-19

SAN DIEGO, CA – The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has reported a significant increase in vehicles driving at 100 miles per hour or more. Since the start of social distancing to manage COVID-19, traffic on San Diego’s highways has decreased by 35%. However, this change has encouraged many people to drive faster than is safe.

The CHP states that between March 19 and April 19, they have written 2,493 traffic citations for people driving above 100 miles per hour. According to 10 News San Diego, during this same period in 2019, CHP officers only wrote 1,335 citations, meaning the number of citations has increased by approximately 87%.

CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley expressed deep concern about these speeding drivers. He states that excessive speeding will not only cause more accidents, but the people involved in the accidents will sustain much more serious injuries. He also explains that the likelihood that a driver will die in a car crash increases significantly if the driver is speeding.

The CHP is urging California’s citizens to follow the speed limit and drive safely, despite the decrease in traffic.

Disclaimer: Many of the accidents we report on are preventable. Our hope is that by publishing information about severe accidents, we can equip readers with the information they need to avoid finding themselves involved in such a tragedy. These stories are painful, but real, as they are sourced from news outlets. Outlets sometimes update their published reports. If information on this blog is outdated or incorrect, please let us know so we can update our posting to the most up-to-date information. These posts do not contain legal advice and should not be construed in such a way.

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