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Facet Joint Syndrome Injury Lawyer in San Diego

Suffering with Chronic Neck Pain

Neck injuries can be extremely painful and affect movement and feeling throughout the rest of the body. Chronic neck pain is one of the most common ailments people go to doctors for. It can be caused by falls, whiplash in vehicle accidents, sports injuries, and more. Many neck injuries are difficult to treat and difficult to diagnose. If you have suffered a neck injury and are in pain, you will doubtlessly need expensive medical treatment and likely miss a considerable amount of work. To help you recover your losses, it is vital that you consult an experienced facet joint syndrome injury attorney in San Diego.

The legal team at the San Diego offices of Jurewitz Law Group has been successfully representing Southern California injury victims for over 15 years. To get the settlement you deserve, call (888) 233-5020 for a free case evaluation.

facet joints in motion

Your doctor may be wrong. Nagging, chronic neck pain following a car accident may not be soft tissue. These cervical spine injuries may be a more serious injury: facet joint injury

What Is Facet Joint Syndrome?

Facet joints are the joints between the bones of the spine or vertebra. These joints are filled with cartilage and lined with synovium and lubricating fluid. When these joints become swollen from injury or arthritis, it is referred to as Facet Joint Syndrome. Depending on where on the spine the afflicted facet joint is located, a person with facet joint syndrome can experience pain and stiffness anywhere from the head to the thighs.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries are a common cause of facet joint syndrome. Whiplash injuries occur when the neck is subjected to acceleration-deceleration forces (sudden back and forth movement). The neck is particularly prone to this type of injury because it is supported by very little musculature. During an accident, the neck is moved quickly and forcefully, putting a tremendous amount of strain on the facet joints of the spine. Facet joints are located at the rear of the spine and act as joints between individual vertebrae.

Acceleration-deceleration injuries have immediate effects stemming from conditions such as unilateral fractures of the facet joints, micro fractures, facet subluxation, ligament and muscular tears, and hemorrhage or edema of the particular tissues. Shoulder or arm pain is a typical symptom of these injuries. The pain is usually sharp, cramping, and burning and is usually associated with a constant deep aching in the cervical spine. Injured people often describe the sensation as a grinding, twisting, crunching, or snapping sensation that companies neck movements. Surprisingly, weakness and numbness are not found.

Cervical Spine X-Rays

Unfortunately radiographic diagnoses of these injuries are very difficult. Cervical spine x-rays will reveal focal or diffuse cervical spondylosis, but will not reveal the facet injury itself. Cervical facet blocks at the appropriate level are the mainstay of the diagnosis of cervical facet pain. Cervical facet block at the appropriate level usually brings immediate relief to the injured person.

Lumbar facet joint pain can also be diagnosed in the same way. However, lumbar facet joint injuries are far less likely to occur following an auto accident. This is because the lower back (lumbar spine) is generally supported and not subject to fast and extreme range of motion accelerations following a rear end car accident. This is different than the neck (cervical spine), which can only rely on a headrest for protection from these quick acceleration injury (whiplash).

Contact a San Diego Facet Joint Syndrome Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a neck injury in a accident, it is vital that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney in San Diego. Jurewitz Law Group have been helping injury victims recover their losses since 2000. Call us at (888) 233-5020 or (619) 233-5020 to begin your path to recovery with a no-cost consultation today.

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Call the Jurewitz Law Group at (619) 233-5020 and begin your path to recovery with a no-cost consultation today.

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