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Eye Injuries‚ Vision Problems‚ and Blindness

The impact of an eye injury can be permanent and life-changing. Eye injuries can lead to a person having impaired vision or even total blindness. An eye injury can make earning a living and completing every day tasks difficult. If you or a loved one has suffered an eye injury that has affected your vision‚ you may be able to pursue compensation against the person whose negligence caused the injuries. Working with a strong‚ dedicated attorney can help you secure the settlement you need to heal and move on with your life.

Jurewitz Law Group can help you get the financial compensation to cover your medical bills‚ lost wages‚ lost enjoyment of life‚ and pain and suffering. Contact us today to get your case started. Call (888) 233-5020 or (619) 233-5020.

What is Blindness?

While everyone knows blindness is the lack of vision in one or both eyes‚ many aren’t aware that there are levels of blindness. These levels of blindness offer some kind of vision‚ but nowhere near the level of normal eyesight. Someone who is legally blind may still be able to see changes in light or even blurry shapes. Well over a million people in America are legally blind. The American Academy of Ophthalmology estimates that over two million people suffer eye injuries each year‚ leaving 50‚000 people with part or all their vision lost.

Some Types of Eye Injuries

Eye injuries can result in double vision‚ damage to tear ducts‚ or lost vision. Here are the three most common eye injuries:

  • Anterior chamber hyphema: this injury happens when a person is hit in the eye and blood enters the front chamber of the eye. This injury can cause the inside of the eye to fill completely with blood.
  • Torn/detached retinas: the retina is a thin tissue located in the back of the eye. It sends signals to the optic nerve when exposed to light. When the retina gets torn or detached‚ severe vision problems that will need surgery to correct will occur.
  • Iris/pupil damage: a trauma to the eye can cause muscles inside the eye that control the size and shape of the pupil to be damaged. This will cause issues with being able to see.

Common Causes of Eye Injuries

There are many different ways a person can suffer vision loss in an injury. Some diseases and infections can cause vision issues‚ as well as conditions caused by people aging. But‚ most cases of vision loss are caused by a personal injury. Here are the most common causes of eye injuries our clients have reported:

Eye Injury Treatment

The first part of any treatment for an eye or vision loss injury is to find out what’s the cause of these issues. Depending on the circumstances behind your injury‚ there are different ways of treating your vision issues. Laser surgery‚ prescription eye medications‚ and vision-enhancing devices have been used to treat eye injuries. Your doctor will be able to help you choose which treatment is right for you. Then‚ your San Diego personal injury attorney can help you seek the settlement to pay for these treatments.

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Jurewitz Law Group has helped many people and their families affected by serious and catastrophic injuries. We’ve guided many clients to successful settlement awards that have helped them move on from their injuries. Call our San Diego catastrophic injury lawyers at (888) 233-5020 to discuss your situation.

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