On September 7, 2015 at 7:15 P.M., Ms. Hamilton and the defendant were standing outside of the defendant’s home in Chula Vista. As a woman in a wheelchair went by with her dog, the defendant’s dog ran out of his home. The defendant then asked Ms. Hamilton if she could help stop her dog from attacking the passing dog. Ms. Hamilton proceeded to do so, catching up the defendant’s dog, grabbing him by the collar. The defendant’s dog, becoming increasingly aggressive, ultimately bit Ms. Hamilton’s hand, causing severe injuries.

Due to the dog bite, Ms. Hamilton was out of work for three months, completely unable to use her hands. Ms. Hamilton suffered from several puncture wounds and abrasions to her hands. Ms. Hamilton also experienced swelling of her right hand, with tenderness to palpation. After months of physical therapy and orthopedic treatment, Ms. Hamilton underwent a right long trigger finger release surgery. Though Ms. Hamilton’s injury proved to be severe, she was able to recover both physically and financially.

“It is such a big relief to finally be able to have this case closed. I lost so many wages through this ordeal…(it is) one less thing to keep up with in my busy schedule.”

Like Ms. Hamilton, we’re happy to have helped her move forward and wish her nothing but the best of luck!

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