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Truck Accidents

Ross Jurewitz Joins the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys

By Ross Jurewitz on March 26, 2018

At Jurewitz Law Group, we are always looking for ways to better our ability to get our clients the justice they deserve. Ross Jurewitz recently took another step towards this goal by joining the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, a legal network and resource center dedicated solely to handling crashes involving semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles. Read the rest »

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The King Of The Road? Knowledge.

By Ross Jurewitz on December 27, 2016

big-rig-accident-2It’s getting closer to that time of year where the astute driver may notice something becoming more and more common on San Diego freeways: commercial trucks. With the massive amount of retail business conducted around the holidays, both in-store and online, there are more trucks on the roads shipping products around the country. This can possibly be dangerous if drivers are not patient, alert, and safe. Just ask Sarah.

In December of 2015, Sarah, a San Diego native, was heading south on the 5 just past Old Town. She maintained a safe distance behind a commercial 18-wheeler when the driver suddenly hit the brakes much too quickly for Sarah to maneuver away from the rear of the truck. She slammed her brakes then collided the front end of her Toyota Camry into the rear bumper of the semi, causing her airbag to be deployed and her car to be totaled.

Read the rest »

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La Mesa Truck Accident Causes

By Ross Jurewitz on April 4, 2016

Anyone who drives Highway 8 regularly is familiar with having large trucks in the next lane during their commute. We see these big rigs hauling goods so often we almost forget how dangerous they are. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there are well over 250,000 accidents involving large trucks each year on America’s roads. These accidents injure over 60,000 people and leave over 3,000 dead.

Jurewitz Law Group has helped many La Mesa residents struggling financially after an accident with a large truck. Here are the four most common causes of La Mesa truck accidents our clients have reported over the years: Read the rest »

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Federal Agency Overseeing Truck Safety Continues to Operate – For Now

By Ross Jurewitz on October 7, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is continuing to enforce commercial truck and bus safety regulations despite the recent government shutdown, according to a recent report in Landline Magazine.

The agency, like many others, has seen some “non-essential” services and functions temporarily shuttered as employees were furloughed due to the shutdown that began October 1. However, the agency’s responsibilities for overseeing trucking safety and bus safety on U.S. roads were considered “essential” duties, meaning that these functions are still being carried out – at least for the short term. Read the rest »

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FMCSA Says Changes to Medical Provider Rules are on Schedule

By Ross Jurewitz on August 19, 2013

San Diego Truck AccidentThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced that its efforts to create a medical provider database for commercial truck and bus driver care is on track, with an expected completion date of May 21, 2014.

The goal, according to a recent article in Land Line, is to create a database of 40,000 physicians who are certified to perform the medical evaluations required by the Department of Transportation for all commercial truck and bus drivers. Currently, the National Registry has 10,474 members, but not all of them have passed the required certification test, according to the FMCSA. Read the rest »

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Debate Heats Up Over 70-Hour Truck Driver Work Week Requirement

By Ross Jurewitz on July 8, 2013

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced changes to the Hours of Service (HOS) rules. These rules govern how long truck drivers may work in a day and in a week, and it sets minimum rest times that drivers must observe before getting behind the wheel again.

San Diego Truck AccidentSeveral new HOS rules go into effect this week. At the heart of the controversy is a requirement that would effectively cut drivers down to 70 hours in a workweek, a decrease from 82 hours. Drivers would be required to rest for 34 consecutive hours – with two periods covering the time between midnight and five a.m. – before they could start a new 70-hour workweek.

The FMCSA has said it will enforce the 70-hour requirement strictly, as part of its efforts to prevent sleep deprivation from causing serious truck accidents. Fines for violating the new HOS may be as high as $11,000 for companies that break the rules and $2,750 for individual drivers. The agency estimates that about 15 percent of the nation’s 1.55 million truck drivers will be affected by the rule; the rest are either members of unions that already place more stringent work hour requirements on their drivers or those who drive only short routes. Read the rest »

Man Dies in PT Cruiser after Getting Pinned Under Semi Truck in Linda Vista Area

By Ross Jurewitz on October 26, 2012

A motorist was killed in a PT Cruiser and semi truck accident that occurred on October 21 at about 8:30 p.m. in the Linda Vista area. Initial reports suggest that a fully loaded semi-truck heading on northbound 163 was hit by a PT Cruiser. Once the PT Cruiser hit the semi-truck, it was dragged for about 100 feet before the truck finally came to a rest.

San Diego Fire-Rescue crews untangled the black PT Cruiser that was stuck beneath the semi truck using heavy machinery and other tools. The roof and door both had to be removed to get the motorist out. The cruiser driver suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Our law office sends sincere condolences to the victim’s family members and friends for such a shocking loss. Read the rest »

Wildomar Man Killed in Temecula Freeway Truck Accident

By Ross Jurewitz on April 4, 2012

34-year-old Wildomar man was killed in a tragic truck accident that occurred on March 30 around 7:30 a.m. on a Temecula freeway. According to Riverside County coroner’s officials, the vacuum truck crashed into a big rig driven by 55-year-old Donnie Miller. Miller had stopped on the shoulder of the Winchester Road exit from southbound Interstate 15 to call his dispatch center for directions.

The vacuum truck was going about 40 mph when it struck the big rig. From the present facts, it is unclear as to how this fatal truck crash occurred. Was there a loss of control? Was the truck driver distracted or speeding? A witness told officers that the vacuum truck was weaving before the crash. Read the rest »

Child Struck by Garbage Truck in North Park

By Ross Jurewitz on November 22, 2011

A 9-year-old boy was injured in a shocking truck accident that occurred on November 17, 2011, around 1:15 p.m. at Kansas Street in North Park. According to San Diego police, a city garbage truck struck boy while he was skating along Meade Avenue. The juvenile fell under the trash truck and was crushed by the undercarriage, according to police.

North Park Garbage Truck AccidentMedics transported the boy to receive medical treatment for the life-threatening internal injuries and multiple compound fractures. From the available information, it is unclear what led to this serious truck wreck. The accident is under investigation. If it is found that the truck driver was driving negligently or recklessly, then he and the City might be held liable for the injuries suffered by the child. Read the rest »

San Diego FedEx Truck Rams Car and Kills Two on I-805

By Ross Jurewitz on November 1, 2011

FedEx i-805 Truck Accident 56-year-old Thoy Insixiengmay and 59-year-old Tem Thirakul were killed in a gruesome interstate trucking accident on southbound Interstate 805 (I-805) on October 31‚ 2011‚ in San Diego. The driver‚ a 35-year-old woman‚ lost control of the vehicle just after coming onto the freeway from Clairemont Mesa Boulevard on-ramp.

Her Honda Civic spun into traffic lanes and headed straight into the path of a Federal Express semi-truck at around 10 p.m.  The FedEx driver could not avoid the collision. Read the rest »

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