Oct 30
Uninsured vs. Underinsured Motorist: In CA, It’s All the Same

You can be forgiven for assuming that if you have automobile insurance, you are covered after a collision. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Unless you are specifically covered for accidents in which the at-fault driver does not have adequate insurance, you may not be protected.

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Jul 18
Your Accident Is Just a Statistic to Your Adjuster

Most people don’t think about what insurance adjusters do until they get into a car crash. When they do, they learn that the adjuster is the person who’s responsible for evaluating their claim and determining how much compensation, if any, they’re is entitled to. And while some people may find their adjuster friendly and helpful, […]

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Apr 26
“No Fault” Doesn’t Mean “No Pay”

Southern California’s roads are notoriously congested, and San Diego residents see the aftermath of accidents almost every day while on their commutes. That’s why California has the highest average insurance rates in the country. With such high rates, you probably assume that if you’ve paid for an insurance policy, you will be protected in the […]

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Apr 16
Common Insurance Myths (and Facts)

How well do you understand your insurance policy? Can you explain the difference between liability coverage and personal injury protection? Does your medical insurance fully cover you in the event of a serious crash? These are just a few of the basic questions that every California driver should be able to answer before purchasing car […]

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Apr 08
Automobile Insurers Don’t Want to Pay Your (Full) Medical Bills

Insurance companies are pretty good at estimating the cost of an accident. This is, after all, the core of their business. And while they will always look to cut corners, you can also feel pretty comfortable that they know what they are talking about.

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Mar 29
Passenger Liability 101: Your Guide to Insurance After an Accident

As drivers in the state of California, we’re all familiar with the need for liability auto insurance. The law requires it, and driving without insurance (besides being illegal) leaves you open to expensive lawsuits if you cause an accident with injuries. But what about injured passengers? Who covers them?

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Mar 16
Getting the Best Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

In the eyes of the insurance world, there are few activities more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. While there are some unsafe operators out there, the vast majority of motorcycle riders are both law-abiding and safety-conscious. In the right hands, motorcycles are quite safe. Unfortunately, every rider must pay the price for the reckless few.

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Mar 05
A Bad Case of Insurance Injustice

Based on the commercials, you’d think insurance companies are as friendly as the agents who represent them on TV. They claim they’ll always have your back in the event of an accident, but the reality is different. Very different.

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Feb 28
Don’t Get Screwed by Insurance Companies

People buy insurance for two reasons: To protect themselves in the event of a catastrophe. To comply with the law. Everyone who purchases insurance, no matter what form, does it to give themselves peace of mind. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not live up to their promises, and people like us end up paying the […]

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Feb 20
Little-Known Insurance Coverage That You Really Should Have

When it comes to auto insurance, everyone knows you need liability insurance. In California, you can’t legally drive without it. Of course, only being covered by liability insurance leaves you at risk in the event of an accident. You should have more than the bare minimum. The question we’re often asked as car accident attorneys […]

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Little-Known Insurance Coverage That You Really Should Have

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