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Gotta Catch ‘Em All…Gonna Catch a Fall! Why the Pokemon Go Craze Could Lead to Injuries

By Ross Jurewitz on July 13, 2016

The creators of Pokemon Go know the potential danger the app has by warning gamers to be aware of their surroundings

So, how did you spend your weekend? Did you happen to take a walk or even a drive through your neighborhood and notice anything different? Did you notice small groups of people huddled together repeatedly glancing at their phones? Did you notice people seemingly oblivious to their surroundings wandering around while playing some sort of game on a mobile device? Do you STILL notice this happening around your work and home???

If so, you’re definitely not alone. You, in fact, are laying witness to the most recent craze overtaking the nation – Pokemon Go, a new mobile app for iPhones and Android devices that allows users to catch Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) and collect in-game usable items from various checkpoints found throughout its “real world” map. However, just because it’s a virtual world doesn’t mean that users are immune from real physical harm.
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MADD’s Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign Begins Soon

By Ross Jurewitz on November 10, 2015

San Diego Drunk DrivingFrom the week of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is a dangerous time to be on the road. This is the time of year for holiday parties, and more impaired drivers are on the road. One way to prevent drunk driving accidents is to encourage others to use designated drivers. This is why Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has their annual Tie One On For Safety Holiday Campaign.

Tie One On For Safety is MADD’s longest running public awareness project. To participate, you can display a MADD red ribbon on your vehicle. You can get a red ribbon, magnet, or window decal through your local MADD affiliate. These ribbons encourage others to designate a driver and avoid getting behind the wheel after a night of partying. Read the rest »

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3 Free Holiday Events in San Diego

By Ross Jurewitz on December 15, 2014

San Diego HolidaysThe holidays are here! It’s time to go out and enjoy all the events and activities this season has to offer. But wait – you barely have any scratch left over after buying gifts. Plus, there’s the rent and the bills and the … Oh, bother. Guess you’ll just have to stay in the dark den of your home, binging on Netflix and slowly turning into a pale green Grinch-like figure from the lack of vitamin D and holiday cheer … Or maybe not!

Fortunately for you, San Diego has plenty of fun and free holiday events and activities for people with especially modest wallet weights. Below we have listed some of the best the sunny SoCal city has to offer. Read the rest »

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Avoid a Stressful Holiday Shopping Experience by Following These Tips

By Ross Jurewitz on November 27, 2014

The holiday season is all about the communal spirit – of giving, of spending time with loved ones, of expressing gratitude and kindness towards one’s fellow (wo)man, etc. – yet all of this goodwill tends to get thrown out the window in the days leading up to Christmas in shopping malls and plazas all across the nation. You want to avoid at all costs having another holiday shopping experience reminiscent of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All the Way – well, lucky for you, there is a way! Stick to the holiday shopping tips below and you’ll have a very merry Christmas indeed! Read the rest »

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Top 5 Science Fiction Predictions that Came True

By Ross Jurewitz on November 6, 2014

San Diego Personal InjuryIt’s incredible to think that the technological feats humanity has accomplished just over the past century alone were once relegated to the realms of imagination in science fiction of yore. Sure, we may not yet have flying cars, teleporters or advanced artificial intelligence, but we have sent people into space, cured various debilitating and even fatal diseases and established a wireless communications system through which we can send complex data near instantaneously to people on the other side of the globe.

Below are the top five science fiction predictions which have become reality in today’s world. Read the rest »

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Worst Halloween Candy Ever

By Ross Jurewitz on October 20, 2014

San Diego HalloweenAll is not equal when it comes to the treats people hand out on Halloween night. Some are devoured greedily by happy trick-or-treaters while others remain neglected at the bottom of the bag.

Every kid knows and loves the jackpot homes – identifiable by their extravagant decorations – with gracious hosts handing out king sized Crunch bars and Reese’s cups among other favorites.

Then there are those people whose alleged treats bring not glee and satisfaction but only disappointment to the children unlucky enough to knock on their door.

Don’t be one of those people. It’s bad karma. If you want to remain in the Halloween spirit’s favor, you should avoid handing out these terrible candies listed below: Read the rest »

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Finally, A Wrong Made Right

By Ross Jurewitz on September 17, 2014

The attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group in San Diego recently read a news story that made us believe that it is never too late to right a wrong in order to assure that a person gets proper credit for a deed or a milestone.

This story involves Adelina Dominguez of Spring Valley who died on August 21, 2002 at 114 years old. At the time, the Guinness Book of World records had touted the San Diego county resident as the oldest living person in the United States.

She was born in 1888 on the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa (she was Portuguese, but later became a naturalized American citizen). It boggles the mind when you consider that she was born before the invention of radio and the successful first flight of the Wright brothers’ new-fangled airplane. Read the rest »

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Turn the Waterworks Off, Water Conservation is On

By Ross Jurewitz on August 15, 2014

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past several years, you know that California is dry — bone dry. Recently, the San Diego County Water Authority voted to make water restriction practices for the San Diego area mandatory.

According to the water authority, these measures will help San Diego County keep as much water as possible in storage for next year. So far, this has not triggered mandatory supply cutbacks by member agencies, but those reductions can start to happen if drought conditions don’t improve by next year. Read the rest »

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We All Scream For Ice Cream

By Ross Jurewitz on May 14, 2014

San Diego Ice CreamWith summer fast approaching, the attorneys at the Jurewitz Law Group in San Diego can’t help but think nostalgically of those carefree days of childhood when we would hear the chime of a truck echoing through the warm air and would race to the curb, knowing that the ice cream truck would soon sate our appetite with something sweet and cold.

Today, we take it for granted that we can go just about anywhere to pick up ice cream, or in the case of an ice cream truck, it can simply come to us. But at one time, ice cream was a luxury and serving it was considered a symbol of status.

Although ice cream’s origins are veiled in confusion and lore, it has been said that the Roman emperor Nero would dispatch his servants to gather snow from mountaintops. That snow would then be mixed with fruits and honey and served to him. Although this same concept was used throughout the world at the time, it wasn’t until 1600 that scientists in Italy discovered a process for on-demand freezing and the true ice cream renaissance was born. Still, ice cream was only a treat enjoyed by the elite.

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Little Known Facts about Hottest Ticket in San Diego: Comic-Con

By Ross Jurewitz on March 26, 2014

comic con triviaIf you have been procrastinating, it is now too late to get into the hottest event in San Diego this year. In fact, the entrance badges, which were just recently offered online, sold out in just 90 minutes.

No, we’re not talking about gaining admission to the NCAA Southern Region Basketball Tournament that was recently held in Viejas Arena in San Diego. Those tickets were easy to obtain by comparison. Of course, we’re speaking of San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) 2014, which will be held at the San Diego Convention Center July 24-27.

From humble beginnings in 1970 at the U.S. Grand Hotel, where the founders held a one-day fund-raising event for their newly minted convention (an event they called the Golden State Mini-Con that was swamped by 100 attendees), Comic-Con has become the largest comic book and pop culture convention in the world.

Here are a few facts about the San Diego mega-event you may not have known: Read the rest »

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