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Car Accidents

Beware of (Some) College Student Drivers

By Ross Jurewitz on August 10, 2018

While outsiders may not recognize it as such, San Diego is very much a college town. With prominent universities located throughout the city, including University of California San Diego (UCSD), University of San Diego, San Diego State University, and more, San Diegans are well aware that our traffic patterns are in large part determined by school schedules, and that there’s an uptick in congestion when school is in session. Read the rest »

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Tourists Don’t Get a Free Pass to Hit You on Memorial Day

By Ross Jurewitz on May 22, 2018

Memorial Day is coming up, and that means the streets and highways around San Diego will be more crowded than ever. Many of the cars on the road will belong to tourists and out-of-towners who are unfamiliar with California traffic. This will almost certainly lead to an increase in the number of crashes. Read the rest »

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What Insurers Don’t Tell You About the Emotional Costs of a Car Wreck

By Ross Jurewitz on May 16, 2018

Everyone knows the physical toll that a car crash can take: broken bones, cuts and bruises, head or spine injuries. That’s why insurance coverage is mandated for drivers in every state in the U.S., including California.

But insurance often falls short of helping victims deal with the emotional trauma that results from car accidents. It can often be just as debilitating, yet insurance companies don’t make sure that victims are provided with the mental health resources they need in the aftermath of a traumatic accident. Read the rest »

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What’s the Deal with Storefront Accidents?

By Ross Jurewitz on May 2, 2018

As pedestrians in San Diego, we know the importance of caution when it comes to crossing traffic. But one thing most people would never imagine is being struck by a car while inside a building. Unfortunately, storefront accidents more common than you think. Read the rest »

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“No Fault” Doesn’t Mean “No Pay”

By Ross Jurewitz on April 26, 2018

Southern California’s roads are notoriously congested, and San Diego residents see the aftermath of accidents almost every day while on their commutes. That’s why California has the highest average insurance rates in the country. With such high rates, you probably assume that if you’ve paid for an insurance policy, you will be protected in the event of an accident. Read the rest »

Automobile Insurers Don’t Want to Pay Your (Full) Medical Bills

By Ross Jurewitz on April 8, 2018

Insurance companies are pretty good at estimating the cost of an accident. This is, after all, the core of their business. And while they will always look to cut corners, you can also feel pretty comfortable that they know what they are talking about. Read the rest »

Passenger Liability 101: Your Guide to Insurance After an Accident

By Ross Jurewitz on March 29, 2018

As drivers in the state of California, we’re all familiar with the need for liability auto insurance. The law requires it, and driving without insurance (besides being illegal) leaves you open to expensive lawsuits if you cause an accident with injuries.

But what about injured passengers? Who covers them? Read the rest »

First Pedestrian Killed by a Driverless Car in Arizona

By Ross Jurewitz on March 20, 2018

Yesterday, self-driving cars claimed their first victim.

On Sunday night, around 10 p.m., a 49-year-old woman was struck by an Uber self-driving vehicle while walking her bicycle across the street outside of a crosswalk in Tempe, Arizona. The accident took place while the Uber was traveling northbound on Mill Avenue where it intersects Curry Road. The woman was rushed to the hospital, but died from her injuries on Monday, March 19, 2018. Read the rest »

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Collision with a Government Vehicle – What Now?

By Ross Jurewitz on December 20, 2017

San Diego is proud of its military identity, from the Marines Corps Base in Camp Pendleton, to Naval Base San Diego that is home the United States’ Pacific Fleet. It’s nearly impossible to spend any amount of time in our beautiful city and not feel the history, awe, and presence of these fine institutions. Alongside them are other government organizations that protect and serve the citizens of San Diego, such as the Police Department, Fire Department, the United States Postal Service, even public librarians and school bus drivers. There’s a strong civic pride that is cherished in our city. Read the rest »

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The Dangers of Social Media After Your Car Accident

By Ross Jurewitz on December 4, 2017

The technological revolutions of the past few years have completely changed American society. Unfortunately, when it comes to social media, those changes involve many pitfalls. Everyone, no matter their age or profession, should tread carefully when using social media.

Especially after you’ve been in a car accident. Read the rest »

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