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Who Is Responsible for Airbnb Accidents?

“Safety is our top priority.” Those are the words from the Airbnb website.

But consider this Airbnb experience, as reported by Zak Stone, about his family’s stay in Texas on November 8, 2015:

“The rope swing looked inviting….When my father decided to give it a try on Thanksgiving morning, the trunk it was tied to broke in half and fell on his head, immediately ending most of his brain activity.” Read the rest »

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Football Is Back, in Spite of Brain Injury Concerns

Some have gone so far as to call the NFL “America’s national religion.”

While many would disagree with that statement, there’s no denying that the National Football League is the most profitable sports franchise in the world. Pulling in $13 billion a year, the NFL’s closest competitor is Major League Baseball, which earns $9.5 billion annually. But the NFL, and North American football in general, has had its image and reputation tarnished in the past several years. Largely due to studies that tie tackle football to concussions and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, a degenerative brain disease which causes depression, memory loss, paranoia, aggression, and dementia later in life. The NFL has been accused of ignoring links between the repeated head trauma suffered in the sport and CTE experienced by former players. Read the rest »

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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Jurewitz Law Group is a proud long-time supporter of the Brain Injury Association and the work it does raising awareness about brain injuries. Join us in observing the organization’s Brain Injury Awareness Month campaign all March long. The theme for this year’s Brain Injury Awareness Month Campaign is “Not Alone.” The Not Alone theme aims to educate the general public about brain injury safety and the needs of people living with brain injuries. Read the rest »

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NFL to Fund New Concussion Study

Football and Brain InjuriesIt’s easy to think of football players as heroes and celebrities and forget that they are vulnerable employees in a dangerous workplace. They are subject to devastating injuries every time they are on the field. Over the years, there have been many studies about concussions in football; some of that research has lead to changes in the way the National Football League (NFL) operates.

There is new concussion protocol in place, and players who exhibit signs of a concussion are not allowed to return to the field. Some are even prevented from playing the next week unless they pass concussion tests. Read the rest »

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Challenges of Caring for a Traumatic Brain Injury Victim

SD Traumatic Brain InjuryWhen someone suffers a traumatic brain injury in a San Diego car accident or slip-and-fall accident, it will seriously impact their entire family. Brain injury is often a catastrophic injury, which means that its effects are life-long. There are many symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, including changes in personality, aggressive behavior and issues with memory. These can make caring for someone with a head injury challenging. In fact, many family members who become caregivers experience feelings of distress, anxiety, anger, and depression. Read the rest »

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Head Injuries in Auto Accidents

San Diego Car CrashYou don’t have to be involved in a high-speed Carlsbad car accident to suffer long-term consequences. Even relatively minor car accidents can result in debilitating symptoms if your head is injured or your brain suffers trauma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were about 2.5 million emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and deaths associated with traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in 2010, and 14.3 percent of those TBIs resulted from motor vehicle accidents. Furthermore, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of TBI for children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 24. Read the rest »

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March is Brain Injury Awareness Month

brain injury awareness statsMarch is Brain Injury Awareness Month. When you look at the statistics, you begin to get a picture of how pervasive brain injuries are in the United States and the staggering costs, both financially and emotionally, that they inflict.

According to the Brain Injury Association (BIA), some 2.4 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the United States each year. Sadly, 475,000 children are the victims of TBI each year. Staggeringly, 5.3 million people are living with a life-long disability associated with TBI. Each year, some 52,000 individuals die and 275,000 will be hospitalized due to TBI.

The financial costs of TBI can be huge. BIA reports that the average hospital-based acute rehab to care for a TBI cost is about $8,000 per day. Once out of the hospital, a victim may be looking at residential care that can run the gamut from $850 to $2,500 per day. Day treatment therapy programs (without room and board) can run about $600 to $1,000 per day. Read the rest »

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New Football Helmet Safety Latch Could Help Prevent Serious Injuries

San Diego head Injury attorneysA new kind of safety latch designed to prevent football helmets from popping off could help reduce the risk of concussion and other serious brain and spinal injuries on the field, according to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times.

The Purpose of a New Safety Latch

The new safety latch, inspired by the devices used to keep light bulb sockets in place, combines a button with a narrow track. The button slides down the track to lock into place, and it is held in place by the helmet’s chinstrap as it sits securely on the player’s face. To release the latch and remove the helmet, the button must slide out of the track – which requires players to open the helmet properly instead of merely hitting the latch, preventing the helmet from coming loose or falling off entirely during active play. Read the rest »

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KUSI News Interviews Ross Jurewitz on Junior Seau Case

Studies by the National Institute of Health (NIH) have recently confirmed that Junior Seau, NFL linebacker, had been suffering chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) when he committed suicide on May 2, 2012. Repetitive head injuries during Seau’s football career greatly contributed to the development of the neurological degenerative disease, CTE.

On January 23, the Seau family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the National Football League (NFL), claiming that they failed to protect Junior Seau against the dangers of hard hits to the head and their long-term effects. The helmet manufacturer, Riddell Inc., is also being sued by the family on the basis of design and testing negligence that has resulted in equipment that is unsafe and dangerous for players. Read the rest »

How a Brain & Head Injury May Occur

According to statistics provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), around 1.7 million people suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) per year due to different reasons. Some common reasons behind these life changing brain injuries include:

  • road accidents,
  • medical negligence,
  • physical assault, and
  • slip and falls.

The brain is a highly sensitive organ and even a minor injury can lead to a severely damaged brain or even death. Some people who suffer from major head or brain injuries are forced to endure several mental disabilities and physical disorders. Read the rest »

  • $19,150,000

    A mother and her adult daughter were killed by an inexperienced truck driver.

  • $1,014,299

    Award for 38-year-old motorcyclist struck by SUV driver at intersection.

  • $550,000

    Pedestrian struck by commercial vehicle resulting in wrongful death.

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