Jun 21
When a Single-Vehicle Crash Isn’t the Fault of the Driver

It’s easy to assume that an accident that only involved a single vehicle was the fault of the driver. But this is not necessarily the case. While many single-vehicle crashes are the result of driver error, in a significant number of instances, someone else is to blame. How? Here’s how.

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Aug 31
Midsize SUVs – They’re Safe, Right?

As parents, we have to make hundreds of decisions every day that have an impact on the safety and health of our children. But few decisions have implications that match the importance of what cars we purchase. We want to know our vehicles will protect our loved ones as we drive back and forth from […]

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Dec 30
Betting On Your Car? Better Be Sure

“Hey hon. Almost ready?” “Yeah. But I can’t get this tie right. Can you give me a hand?” “Sure. When was the last time you wore a tie?” “Probably the last wedding we went to.” “You look nice in a tie.” “Don’t get used to it.”

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Dec 07
Prioritize And Winterize Your Vehicle

Imagine waking up on a February morning in San Diego and feeling unusually cold. You look out your window and see icicles hanging off a busted fire hydrant, your hydrangea bush killed, and kids frolicking across the street as they chip ice off of a frozen fountain in the middle of a park. As you […]

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Oct 21
Toyota Announces Recall of 6.5 Million Vehicles

Auto giant Toyota has issued a worldwide recall on millions of its cars. A defect was discovered that could cause an internal fire. As reported by the International Business Times, the recall was announced on October 21st, concerning a short circuit found in many of the vehicle’s window switches. 

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May 19
What to Do if Your Tires Blow Out

Experiencing a sudden and unexpected tire blowout is a terrifying experience. Many drivers have to learn on the fly what they are supposed to do after a blowout. It is best, however, to know what to do in the event of an accident before it happens to you. Otherwise, you could put yourself in harm’s […]

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May 12
Are Your ‘New Tires’ Actually Old and Dangerous?

You have decided that the old tires on your car need to be replaced, so you go to a tire store and pick some “new” tires to replace those old and potentially dangerous tires. But, are those “new” tires actually safe? What you might not know is that a tire that may have been presented […]

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Feb 19
NHTSA Confirms That 2013 Vehicle Recall Total Largest Since 2004

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a report that says that vehicle recalls in the United States topped 22 million in 2013. The top 18 automobile manufacturers issued 184 recalls in the U.S. in 2013. This was a marked increase from the 153 vehicle recalls issued in the U.S. in 2012 and […]

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Jan 07
GM Recalls 1.5 Million Vehicles for Fuel Pump Bracket Defect

General Motors recently announced one of the largest auto product recalls ever, affecting nearly 1.5 million vehicles sold in the Chinese auto market, according to a recent article by Reuters. The recall affects two of GM’s most popular Chinese models: the Buick Excelle compact and the Chevrolet Sail subcompact. Both cars are made in China […]

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Aug 05
Ford Pays $17.5 Million Settlement to NHTSA Over Delayed Recall

The Ford Motor Company recently paid $17.5 million to settle a dispute with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning the company’s failure to launch a needed recall in a timely manner, according to a recent article in Auto Remarketing. The recall involved more than 420,000 Ford Escape vehicles in model years 2001 through […]

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Ford Pays $17.5 Million Settlement to NHTSA Over Delayed Recall

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